Tub Care

Caring for a Newly Refinished Tub

Prior to the start of any project, we will take the time to review the cleaning products and processes used by housekeeping staff at your property.

We want to make sure that the pH levels of your cleaning products fall in the range that won’t cause damage to your surfaces. High alkaline or high acid cleaners should not be used on a daily basis.

The use of these harsh chemicals (If not rinsed or wiped thoroughly) may leave residue or a chalky buildup. This may lead to your staff to scrub with more force or to try a more caustic chemical, which may end up causing more damage.

At the majority of hotels across the country, room attendants are cleaning “clean” surfaces.
There isn’t a need for abrasive cleansers or abrasive cleaning pads.

When it comes to cleaning products – Stronger is not Always Better.
Call today and we will be happy to explain.

On occasion, we will notice an abrasive sponge that was brought in from home. These sponges or Magic erasers should not be used for everyday cleaning. Their use will dull the finish and could scrub away the nonskid from the floor and will void the warranty.