The headlines are everywhere: “Hilton Teams Up with Lysol” or “Marriott Develops Cleanliness Council”. These alliances and cleaning plans are crucial to maintaining a clean, sanitized and disinfected property by using name brand cleaners that people trust. More importantly, these campaigns provide proof of their commitment to clean room initiatives to their loyal rewards members or anyone looking to book a room at any of their properties.

I’ve spoken to many GM’s & corporate engineers about the upgraded processes and products to be used for cleaning and disinfecting guest rooms and bathrooms. As you can guess, there were many answers and solutions. But… when I asked what products were recommended for refinished bathtubs, the answers were the same. There were no answers!!! It’s been left up to each property to figure it out.

MAK Resurfacing may not have performed the refinishing work, but we’re here to help you now.


What can we do

We can recommend specific products that will clean, disinfect, and are safe for refinished surfaces.

You may already have these products in your inventory and not be aware. If you are required to use “name brand” cleaners we’ll discuss how to use them properly and save your refinished non-skid surfaces and continue to protect your guests.

I will be happy to examine your cleaning products msds and develop cleaning strategies based upon your existing inventory. This can include: 

  1. Explaining the significance of pH levels and why neutral pH products should be on your shelf.
  2. Providing a list of pH neutral products from your existing vendor.
  3. Providing vendor names who can supply you with effective disinfecting cleaning products.

Taking these steps will also help preserve the existing warranty and durability of your refinished tubs.

Stay Safe!!!


Mark Kittredge – President – MAK Resurfacing, LLC

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