First Impressions Mean Everything…

And it starts as soon as your guest enters your building
That First greeting “Hello Welcome to our Hotel ….”
That First glimpse of your newly renovated property ….
The First time your guest enters the nicely appointed room ….
And slides the shower curtain in the shower …. And see’s This???

OH NO!!!! All that work to make a great FIRST Impression just went down the drain.
All because of a dirty looking, stained bathtub bottom.
How did it get this way?
From someone selling a PAINT FREE ANTI-SLIP SOLUTION.
Otherwise referred to as Acid Etching.
And it is offered by many competitors.
They never told you this would happen did they? Of course not.

Don’t be fooled by the low price. This is NOT a long term solution to protect your guests.
Once the acid is applied there’s no turning back, the damage is done.
Sure you can have it acid washed again, but why would you.
The dark spots or staining will only get darker over time.
Why? Because room attendants, thinking that the bottom is dirty, will try and scrub harder or use stronger chemicals.

Anyone who wants to sell you this service is NOT looking out for your best interest.