Positive Impact


Benefits vs The Competition

  • Odorless – EcoFriendly Coatings If you’ve ever had tub refinishing done in the past you probably remember the smell.  And so did your guests. Not anymore.

  • Quick Dry time = Less down time = More Room Revenue

  • On Site Color Match – Our techs tint the coating to match the color of your tubs for a seamless finish. We won’t start until you approve it.

  • Use Your Own Cleaning Chemicals
    We’ll never force you to buy an overpriced cleanser to maintain your warranty.

  • Price Match Guarantee We’ll be happy to meet or beat competitors pricing provided the services are the same.

At the same time, we’ll examine your proposal to ensure:

  1. That you’re being quoted the proper service for your needs

  2. You’re not being overcharged

  3. If we can do it for less, we will.

  4. If you’re getting a good deal, we’ll let you know that as well. Even if it means we don’t get the job.