Say NO to Acid Etching

No one ever wants to pay to have something ruined. But that’s what happens when you (unknowingly) choose to have a Paint Free Anti Slip service performed on your bathtubs.

Here’s What you should know about Acid Etching. (But No One’s telling you)…

The product commonly used in Paint Free Applications to achieve a Non Slip surface is Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) or a derivative of the chemical. It is one of the most dangerous acids known, due to its ability to chemically burn skin on contact. Its primary use is to etch glass, clean metal and other industrial uses.

When the HF is applied to the tub surface, the acid eats away at the porcelain or enamel. You can’t see the resulting microscopic pinholes but that’s what creates a less slippery surface. The effectiveness is minimal, and you have just paid to have your tub surface ruined.

Each day, room attendants clean the tubs. Those microscopic holes will become filled with cleanser residue, soap, shampoo, conditioners or body oils, because the protective coating on tub is gone, thanks to the Acid.

Over time, the tub bottom will appear dirty because more stuff is getting ground into those holes. Room attendants, to no fault of their own, will scrub harder or ask to use a stronger or harsher chemical. Does this image look familiar?

This is the worst thing to have ever happened to tubs in hotels. PERIOD!!!!

That’s why one of the leading companies in this industry forces you to purchase overpriced private labeled Soft Scrub abrasive cleanser to maintain the “integrity” of the Paint Free Application & the warranty.
Don’t be a victim of Acid Etching processes.