Hotel Bathtub Refinishing Benefits

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose MAK Resurfacing

  • We Know Tubs – Porcelain, Steel, Fiberglass or Plastic
  • We Know the different procedures required for each surface
  • We Know the Coatings and Application methods required for each surface
  • We Know the Science that makes the coatings stick to those surfaces
  • We Know that Acid Etching “Paint Free” applications DON’T WORK
  • You’ll get High quality results from Environmentally Safe – Odorless Coatings. The “Industry Leader” can’t make that claim.

We constantly test the newest technology in coatings and adhesion agents to ensure the strongest, longest lasting finishes in the country.

Before a job starts, we’ll work with you and develop a project schedule with an emphasis on minimal impact on room revenue and more importantly your guests. Our approach never sacrifices quality for quantity. Volume is not what makes MAK an industry leader.

Positive Impact

Positive Impact on Your Hotel

  • Odorless – EcoFriendly Coatings
    If you’ve ever had tub refinishing done in the past you probably remember the smell. So did your guests. Not anymore. There is NO ODOR from our coatings and our warranty backs it up.
  • Quick Dry Time = Less Down Time = More Room Revenue
  • Projects are scheduled during your low occupancy time of the year
  • On Site Color Match
    Our techs tint the coating to match the color of your tubs for a seamless finish. We won’t start until you approve it.
  • Use Your Own Cleaning Chemicals
    We’ll never force you to buy an overpriced cleanser to maintain your warranty.
  • Price Match Guarantee
    We’ll be happy to meet or beat competitors pricing provided the services are the same. At the same time, we’ll examine your proposal to ensure:

      1. 1.  That you’re being quoted the proper service for your needs
      1. 2.  You’re not being overcharged
      1. 3.  If we can do it for less, we will.
      1. 4.  If you’re getting a good deal, we’ll let you know that as well – even if it means we don’t get the job.

Why Would Anyone Pay to Have A Tub Ruined?

Say No to Acid Etching
Would you pay to have something ruined? Of Course NOT! That’s what you’ll be doing if you choose to have a Paint Free Anti Slip Service (Acid Etching) performed on your bathtubs.

What You Need to Know About Acid Etching as a Non-Slip Solution
The product commonly used in Paint Free Applications to achieve a Non-Slip surface is Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) or a derivative of this caustic chemical. It is a dangerous acid used to etch glass and has other industrial uses such as cleaning metal. When HF is applied to the tub surface, the acid eats away at the porcelain or enamel protective coating, creating microscopic pinholes that results in a less slippery surface. The effectiveness is minimal at best – and unbeknownst to you – you just paid to have your tub surface ruined.

Acid used to create a non-slip tub floor

Does this image look familiar?

Ruined Tubs and The Cleaning Chemical Curve
Each day, as room attendants clean the tubs, they are filling those microscopic holes with cleanser residue, soap, shampoo, conditioners or body oils because the protective coating on tub is gone thanks to the acid. Over time, the tub bottom will appear dirty because more stuff is getting ground into those holes. Room attendants, to no fault of their own, will scrub harder or ask to use a stronger or harsher chemical.

Acid Etching is the worst thing to have ever happened to tubs in hotels. PERIOD!

Some companies providing non-skid services have been selling this worthless product to hotels for years. And then have the audacity to force customers to purchase overpriced private labeled soft scrub abrasive cleanser to maintain the “integrity” of the Paint Free Application and the warranty.

Don’t be a victim of Acid Etching – Contact MAK for a great resurfacing solution!