NEVER have your tub Acid Etched!


And as an added BONUS:


Here’s the truth about Acid etching (But No One will tell you):

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) used in these Paint Free Anti Slip applications is one of the most dangerous acids that will chemically burn skin on contact. Primarily used to etch glass or for other industrial uses. When applied to a tub surface, the acid removes the shiny finish of porcelain or enamel. Microscopic pinholes remain that try to create a less slippery surface. But – each day the tub is cleaned, those microscopic holes become filled with residue from cleansers, soap, shampoo & body oils. Over time, the bottom begins to appear dirty because the residues are being ground into those holes.  Room attendants, to no fault of their own, will scrub harder or ask for stronger chemicals.

If the microscopic holes are being filled, what kind of protection remains for your guests? The answer:  NONE. 

Acid etching is the worst thing to have EVER happened to tubs in hotels. PERIOD!!! It WILL NOT work on Steel/Enamel tubs. DO NOT waste your money. If you’re a victim of Acid Etching, ask yourself this: Why am I forced to purchase an abrasive cleanser (Overpriced Soft Scrub) to maintain the warranty? You’re led to believe the abrasive cleanser will help remove any build up, it might. Here’s the Double Whammy: Acid ruined your finish to begin with, so will the use of the abrasive cleanser.

Here’s something else to think about. If you live with snow and ice on your roads in the winter, what do DOT crews apply on roads to make them less slippery.  SAND!! Why? It creates better traction for your car tires.


  • We Know Tubs – Porcelain, Steel, Fiberglass or Plastic
  • We Know the different procedures required for each surface
  • We Know the Application methods required for each surface
  • We Know what makes the coatings stick to those surfaces 
  • We Know that Acid Etching applications DON’T WORK
  • You’ll get High quality results from Environmentally Safe – Odorless Coatings.  The “Industry Leader” can’t make that claim.


We constantly test the newest technology in coatings and adhesion agents to ensure the strongest, longest lasting finishes in the country. Before a job starts, we’ll work with you and develop a project schedule with an emphasis on minimal impact on room revenue and more importantly your guests.


Our approach never sacrifices quality for quantity. 



  • Odorless – EcoFriendly Coatings
    If you’ve ever had tub refinishing done in the past you probably remember the smell. So did your guests. Not anymore. There is NO ODOR from our coatings.
  • Quick Dry Time = Less Down Time = More Room Revenue
  • Projects are scheduled during low occupancy time of the year
  • On Site Color Match
    Our techs tint the coating to match the color of your tubs for a seamless finish. We won’t start until you approve it.
  • Use Your Own Cleaning Chemicals
    We’ll never force you to buy an overpriced cleanser to maintain your warranty. We’ll review the msds of your cleaning products to make sure they are neutral pH and safe for the refinished surface.
  • Price Match Guarantee
    We’ll meet or beat competitors pricing provided the services are the same. At the same time, we’ll examine your proposal to ensure:
    1). You’re being quoted the proper service for your needs.
    2). You’re not being overcharged.
    3). If we can do it for less, we will.
    4). If you’re getting a good deal, we’ll let you know that too – even if it means we don’t get the job.

Best In The Business

  • We’ll admit we’re not the biggest, We Don’t Need to Be
  • We’d rather be known as the Best in The Business
  • As you may have found out the hard way – The Biggest Isn’t Always the Best