Introducing DeNovo the NEWEST &

Most Affordable  Anti-slip Service for 2020 & Beyond

Utilizing Micro Etch Technology


9/23/20 – MAK Resurfacing has announced a low-cost nonskid service to their line of bathtub nonskid refurbishing services.   DeNovo Micro Etch Anti-Slip service.

From the Latin language meaning refreshed – the DeNovo process uses a Non-Hazardous product to refresh or enhance the antislip properties on Porcelain tubs, shower pans, bathroom floor tile. 

This process is equally effective on the tile in lobby areas, pool decks, dining areas, or any hard surface at your property to help prevent slip & falls.

A single treatment leaves a micro-etched nonskid surface, not visible to the naked eye, which raises or retains SCOF of .06, and will last 2 years.

For Tub applications: No Downtime = No lost room revenue, can be applied in occupied rooms.

Treatment takes approx. 30 minutes, and surfaces can be walked on immediately

According to the founder of MAK (Mark Kittredge):

“We were always looking to add a low-cost nonskid service but did not want to use the hazardous Hydrofluoric Acid product similar to a competitor’s “Paint Free” offering. We’re not in the business of destroying bathtub surfaces. What the self-proclaimed “Industry Leader” does not tell customers is that Hydrofluoric Acid that they use will ruin the tub’s finish.  And to make matters worse, they continue to sell “Paint Free” nonskid services to unsuspecting customers with Steel/enamel tubs. “

Mark continued “You might as well throw your money out the window instead! Why? Acid cannot etch an enamel coating, it just DOES NOT WORK. But it will discolor the finish and ruin the nonskid surface within months. We’ve researched and tested many products over the years and are confident that this new technology is by far superior to any others.”

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