Non Skid Bathtub Application

Clear Coat Non-Skid for Showers and Tubs

To maintain the appearance of a new or like new surface, an invisible or “Clear Coat” non-skid product is applied. These extremely durable, non-yellowing, odorless coatings will provide the slip resistance required, and will hold up to the daily cleaning by housekeeping staff. 6 hours are required for product to cure before tub can be used.

For Bathtubs
Applied to bottoms that are in excellent condition, no chips or rust spots that do not have an original manufacturer non-skid pattern or any texture to help avoid slips.

For Shower Pans
Many hotels are converting the tub space with shower pans in that same footprint (30″ wide x 60″ long).
These new pans – made of porcelain or plastic – have been found to be slippery even with a manufactured textured bottom.

Clear Coat non-skid products will provide an added layer of protection.